November 24, 2014

Inspiration Canada - Winnipeg Conference

This year, Stampin' Up! held conferences all across Canada.   I was very excited to hear there would be a conference here in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Friday night was a make-n-take session for Demonstrators AND Customers. I brought two of my friends/customers. We had a blast! 

On Saturday morning, there was a business session for Demonstrators.  The session was about how Stampin' Up! is growing here in Canada, and gave us some information and ideas for our business.  We also got a chance to bounce ideas and share experiences with other demonstrators.

On Saturday afternoon was a Demonstrator Party.  Basically, it was yet another make-n-take session, but also a few game show type games.

I only managed to take a few photos, but here they are:

On the bottom left side there, you can see a board of cards for the Ronald McDonald House charity.  The cards were on display for everyone to vote and a winner got $50 gift card for anything they wanted from Stampin' Up!  I didn't win that prize, but I did enter this card: 

On both Friday and Saturday we had several make-n-takes.  I admit I didn't finish mine in the allotted time, and completed them at home.  

Here are Friday's projects:

and here are Saturday's Projects:


One awesome thing about attending Stampin' Up! events is that there are often a few gifts for attending.  Everyone in attendance on Friday got the Bearing Gifts Stamp Set and those attending on Saturday got the Newborn King Stamp Set.

And of course there are prizes!! Here are the prizes I won! 


I won the Dazzling Details on Friday in the drawing game. That game we had to draw with blindfolds but my friends and I are all Deaf so we had to come up with an inventive way to play this game so we could see the interpreter tell us what to draw... I should've gotten a picture, it was kind of funny.   The three packs of paper I won in a "Let's Make A Deal" game on Saturday.  I so happened to have a business card in my bag, which earned me a chance to Make A Deal. The deal was to choose something from the hosts' pocket or from "the big box". I chose the box!    The stamp set Letterpress Winter, I won in the door prize.  

Overall, the Inspiration Canada events were well worth attending. I do hope Stampin' Up! will continue to have events in Canada and that they grow so that more people may attend.  Thank you to Dale and Carrie from the Calgary Office for all their hard work in organizing this event.

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Heidi Weaver said...

Hi Ter. Thanks for sharing your experience at the conference with us poor non-goers. Love the pic of you and your friends. Love the card, too, that you submitted for the Ronald MacDonald house. It looks as if it was a lot of fun with some great make-n-takes. Of course the prizes were great, too. Can't help but be a tiny bit envious.

I think these conferences are a really good idea. Nice to get together on a smaller scale (both monetarily and stress-wise) than either Leadership or the Annual Convention in Salt Lake City.

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