August 04, 2014


My friend's little girl turned 5 years old recently.  As many young children are, she's very much into the Disney movie Frozen.  

I had seen a few versions of Olaf punch art on Pinterest and decided to try my hand at it. I think it turned out pretty good actually!!!

My friend's daughter opened the card and said "OLAF!"

I am not sure who to credit for the original punch art, but thank you.

As I was free-hand cutting out the branches for the arms, I suddenly realized the branch looks like it is saying "I LOVE YOU" in ASL.  Perfect, because this card was for a CODA (child of Deaf Adult). It's like it was meant to be.

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Heidi Weaver said...

You nailed Olaf, Ter! He's perfect! I saw the movie many times over (it's my grandsons' favourite) and love that little snowman. You didn't just get the form and figure of him right, you managed to capture his personality. Kudos to you. Of course the ASL I love you is simply a bonus.

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